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Eye Kettleby Lakes is situated just off the main Leicester A607. 5 Minutes outside of Melton Mowbray, 20 minutes from Leicester.

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The main entrance is accessed from the Dalby Back Road.

Clubhouse, ReceptionFrom the main & only entrance the even tarmac drive leads gradually uphill. The driveway is two cars in width and leads up towards the main reception area and car park.

The driveway is approximately 500m long with side roads leading to each individual lake (explained later).

We have provided a large free car park for all of our customers, approximately 50 spaces in total with two disabled spaces provided at the front of the building giving simple access to the ramp and sloped entrance.
We have three main entrances to the clubhouse:

  1. Front of the building, three small steps, each 20cm high leading to the front double doors.
  2. Front door situated just to the side of the building at top of the slope. Small lip into entrance, door width is 85cm.
  3. Situated to the back of clubhouse, again sloped entrance provided giving easier access for all lodge guests.

When inside lobby, everything is on one level, access into reception area is over a small lip.

Doorways are between 80-140 cm wide. Ample space is provided in reception area for wheelchairs there is also seating provided in the lobby for any prolonged wait.

The building throughout, including rooms and corridors is well lit with strong contrasting colours to depict edges between walls and floors.

Clubhouse: Wheelchair Guests are advised to inform when arriving, so that easily accessible tables can be provided.

Table dimensions: Height:78cm Width for chair: 102cm

The clubhouse provides a disabled toilet / baby changing facility, fully fitted with low level sink & hand dryer and hand bars on either side of toilet.

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday – Breakfast 8am to 10am

The clubhouse only uses fresh produce and we do our up most to cater for any dietary requirements/special request, but advanced warning is always appreciated to ensure we can do so.

Menus are clearly typed and staff are available to assist verbally.

Fishing Lakes We have a total of 8 course fishing lakes onsite. All accessed from the main entrance road.

Lakes 1-7 are public day ticket lakes charged at (please refer to main fishing page for current tariff Lake 8, our Kingfisher lake is a private residents only lake situated immediately outside the lodges. (This lake is free of charge for all lodge residents) We have designed all of our lakes to have ample car parking and easy accessibility to each peg (please contact us for an overview of all lakes, access roads and parking)

Lakes 1,2 & 3 have been provided with private car parking set on gravel stone each an average distance of 10 metres from the initial peg. Lakes 2 & 3 are the bases for both of our disabled toilets both supplied with sloped entry and equipment aids. The toilet outside lake three is ideally situated at the bottom of lake four.

We have provided tarmac level roads that run all the way around the outside of lakes 4,5,6 & 7 and allow all vehicles peg side grass parking when conditions are suitable. Please be aware there is a small gradient leading down to the lake edge.

For all guests not using assisted transport around the lakes we have provided periodic benches. The surface of the main road and all other access roads is smooth and level.

Holiday Lodges

Please see our lodge home page for aerial plan of lodge position

All guests are guided up to their self catering accommodation and any assistance is offered if necessary, along with a guided tour and a guest information pack.

The main access road to the lodges leads off to the side of the clubhouse along a pebble stone driveway. The driveway is 400cm wide leading up between 100-300m (depending on chosen lodge). The driveway is lit at night to guide guests to the lodges.

We have provided ample parking outside each lodge with space for 1,2 or 3 cars (dependant on chosen lodge)

We have provided three access points to the lodges two at the side of the lodge & one to the rear.

  1. A small 5 step staircase leading up to the front door. (each step 19cm high)
  2. A gradual meandering slope
  3. Entrance at rear of each lodge leading into lounge, up 5 steps each 19cm in height

All units are on one level, there is a small lip (one inch) on entry to the cabin and backdoor exit. All floors are either carpet or wooden, but both show a visible edge between floors & walls.

All corridors are minimum of 100cm wide.

We have provided ample lighting, which is monitored on a weekly basis to ensure good visibility and safety within the lodges. We have put up security lighting outside each access point to offer good visibility at night.

All measurements for lodges

Willow, Sycamore, Maple, Hazel, Chestnut, Holly, Hawthorn & Oak

Door widths throughout the buildings are: 75cm
Light switch height:


  • Bed Heights from floor:
  • Master Bed: 60 cm Distance around master bed:160cm
  • Single Beds: 50cm Distance between single beds:36cm

En-suite Bathroom

  • Small lip on entry to shower: 22cm
  • Space within shower 78cm x 78cm, handle situated below shower head for support 110cm from shower floor.
  • Toilet height:42cm Sink height: 80cm

Main Bathroom

  • Width of entrance door: 69cm
  • Sink & toilet specifications same as above
  • Bath tub height from floor: 53cm Shower height within bath tub 105cm from base (support handles attached to either side of bath tub for extra support)
  • Space between bathroom units 90cm (All showers supplied with shower mats)

Living & Dining Area

The lounge is situated at the far end of the corridor and accesses the outside decking area. All lighting in the lodges is on dimmer switches.

  • Unit Dimensions
  • Dining room table height: 76cm
  • All kitchen worktops, including sink. Height from floor: 90cm
  • Highest storage shelf. Height from floor: 170cm
  • Kitchen width: 106cm

Outside Decking Area

The decking area runs all around the outside of the lodge, with three exit points (explained above) the smallest width is 92cm. On the decking is your outdoor hot tub, this sits in the corner of your decking. The highest step into the hot tub is 75cm and the lowest 60cm. The hot tub cover is supported by a cover bar this is provided to aide the user in lifting the cover.

Cedar Lodge

Cedar lodge is our luxury two bedroom lodge, designed exclusively for two couples (master bedroom at either end)


All door widths:75cm

Bedroom One

  • Wooden Super king size bed 80cm from floor
  • Space surrounding bed 145cm

Bathroom One

  • Sink Height:76cm
  • Shower entry:45cm (raised lip)
  • Smallest width in bathroom:135cm

Bedroom Two

  • Super King Size Leather Bed 60cm from floor

Bathroom Two

  • Shower entry width: 50cm, entry lip 8cm
  • Sink height from floor: 80cm
  • Bath 50cm from floor, raised lip all around tiling for small support

Outside Decking(smallest width 80cm)

  • 4 steps to barbeque area each 16cm, leads to stone pathway to barbeque hut, raised from floor by 20cm
  • Outside table height from floor:74cm
  • Hot tub raised 50cm from decking

Rowan Lodge

Rowan Lodge is our luxury one bedroom lodge designed exclusively for only one couple (no children sorry)

Access & entrance to rowan lodge is by two routes positioned to side of the lodge next to the parking space; the first is up three steps each 18cm in height. The second is up a gradual 480cm slope.

Both lead up to the main door entrance (78cm wide). The corridor leads left to the main lounge / diner and right to the only bedroom. The smallest width in the corridor is 75cm.

Room specifications


  • Entrance: 1 inch lip, door width 75cm
  • Metres of space around bed
  • Bed Height: 54cm
  • Dresser Height: 75cm Width of hole: 55cm
  • Bath Tub: 50 cm from floor, edges form as good support handles on either side


  • Smallest width: 90cm
  • Toilet seat: 45cm from ground
  • Sinks: 80cm from ground
  • Sauna – Entrance over 16cm step – Control panel 152cm


  • Entrance:10cm lip, Diagonal dimension:125
  • Remote controlled from bed side

Dinning room/Kitchen

  • Dining Table height: 78cm
  • Width in kitchen: 115cm
  • Worktop & Sink: 90cm
  • Higher level cupboards: 140cm

Outside Decking

  • Hot tub 50cm from decking (deepest seat 55cm)
  • Outdoor table height: 72cm
  • Steps leading to patio, depth: 20cm

We endeavour at Eye Kettleby Lakes to ensure that our site and each individual property is accessible to all able & disabled guests and is constantly being reviewed and improved as we grow and move forward.

We all hope you enjoy your stay.

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