Beatles Hits
The band plays the full repertoire of all the Beatles’ most famous and biggest tunes. The band play songs from right across the full breadth of the Beatles’ back catalogue. At a typical event the band play two 45 minute sets of Beatles classics, and there is the option to book additional sets if you need more!
Authentic Sound

This Beatles tribute has gone to great lengths to make sure they have all authentic equipment so they can recreate that classic Fab Four sound and look. They use Rickenbacker guitars, Vox amps and a Ludwig oyster pearl drum kit. The band does NOT use backing tracks or special effects, and are proud of the fact that they play the music just as The Beatles did all those years ago.

Now Fully Booked

Ticket required for entrance. Residents will collect tickets on arrival.

Please Note

At our big event nights seating is limited to allow space for the bar and dance floor. Dogs are not allowed in the main area where the band will perform, but are allowed in the lounge area as normal. We cannot guarantee you will be able to hear the music from the lounge.

If you have any questions regarding our event please call reception before booking.

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